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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An Extension for Buttercup Cottage

The lady who bought Buttercup Cottage a couple of weeks ago asked if I could make an extension to stand alongside the cottage and here it is. It's a little outbuilding for storing things in (or for use as an outside toilet!) complete with a yard to the front and back.

Perriwinkle Cottage

This is Perriwinkle Cottage, a 1/12th scale cottage which I think would make a wonderful seaside retreat. The sun was a bit bright today for taking photos but it makes the house look a bit like it's bathed in Cornish sunshine. I feel the need to start making some 24th scale cottages again - I've been building far too many of these great big 1/12th scale houses recently and need to make something I can turn upside down to paint the ceilings!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Cornflower Cottage

I bought a basic house at a dolls house fair some time ago and then couldn't think what to do with it. I eventually decided to give it the papier mache treatment and added an outbuilding to be used for essentials like storing fishing nets or even an outside toilet. There is a little yard just big enough for a garden seat and a few plant pots. The rooms inside the cottage are nice and spacious and I have added more space by having false stairs rather than a real staircase. Once again I have added one of Julie Lawton's fantastic signs to the cottage front.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Buttercup Cottage

This is Buttercup Cottage, very similar in layout and colour scheme to Lavender Cottage. As always Julie Lawton's fantastic house name plate really sets off the front of the house. I am working on one other larger cottage at the moment and then I would like to get back to something smaller and more manageable. I feel like I've been weight training when I've built a big house - all that lifting it onto and off of the workbench!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Seashore Cottage

This little single room cottage has been designed especially to fit in a small space so it's only ten inches in depth and twelve inches wide. I thought being so small it might end up looking too much like a room box so I added the window and door on the rear wall for extra interest. The colours of the lovely sign made by Julie Lawton match the Egg Shell Blue of the windows and door perfectly.

Cottage Outbuilding

This is a little outbuilding designed to stand alongside The Old Boathouse. A useful extra space for storage for fishing nets, lobster pots, garden tools - or perhaps more importantly a toilet! Sailor Sam (seen in my recent photos looking for a new place to live) hasn't bothered looking at this property - he needs to find a cottage before he starts to worry about outside toilets!! Sailor Sam was of course made by Robin Britton of Coome Crafts - I should have mentioned that in my previous blog. And thank you for all the kind comments on my cottages. I've tried to leave responses but just can't do it. I've noticed some other people saying they have the same problem so I assume it's not just me doing something wrong!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Crab Pot Cottage

This is Crab Pot Cottage. I like this design with the door to the side and the little porch - it creates an extra area for displaying plants etc without taking up too much room. My poor sailor hopes he can make a quick offer on this cottage having missed out on the last two! He has been homeless for too long and needs a comfy cottage to call his own!