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Friday, 12 February 2016

A Variation on a Theme....

This is the two storey version of my much beloved 1/12th scale shop box. Still shallow enough to sit on a shelf or even be wall mounted but now with two floors to fill with retail delights.

And Another 1/12th Scale Shop Box.....

I did say I enjoyed building these didn't I??!!

1/12th Scale Shop Box - Again!

Just like buses when you are waiting for one then three come along all at once!

1/12th Scale Shop Box

I really do enjoy building these little shop boxes and they are such a useful size. Great for the collector who is short of space but still full of ideas for new projects!

1/24th Scale 'Elderflower Cottage'

This is 'Elderflower Cottage', a very sweet 1/24th scale house I built recently. I used my favourite duck egg blue for the windows and door. I love that colour!