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Thursday, 29 September 2011

1/12th Scale Broomstick Cottage

This is 'Broomstick Cottage', a 1/12th scale house made specially for Paula as a home for her witches. The little lean-to at the side is intended to be the workshop/greenhouse where all those witchy potions and plants can be produced.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Some More photos of The Rectory

Thank you for your kind comments on The Rectory! Here are some photos taken this morning when the light outside was a little bit better than last night when it was dropping dark and threatening rain.

Something a Little Bit Different - 1/24th Scale 'The Rectory'

I have an old issue of 'Dolls House World' with the most wonderful house featured on the front cover - made by Trigger Pond. I loved the shape of the house so I used that as the basis for this 'stone' lodge. The windows are made from air drying clay, as is the roof. I added a pale wash of colour all over (which hasn't shown up very well in the photo) to add an 'aged' look. Can you see the tiny tiny pot of anenomes on the door step made by the very talented Marianne Cook? She makes the most wonderful plants and flowers (you will have seen her lovely pot of lavender on nearly all the photos of my 1/12th scale cottages).

Saturday, 17 September 2011

1/24th Scale Anchor Cottage

This is Anchor Cottage, a 1/24th scale four roomed house just completed. A little bit like a crofters cottage in style and complete with the lovely sign over the door made once again by Julie Lawton.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Two More Beach Huts

It hasn't exactly been beach hut weather here this week but here are two new huts for you to see. The first one proved to be quite popular when I put it on ebay and I had requests for more to built. It's nice to still be thinking of the seaside and holidays when the rain is being blown horizontally at the windows!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beach Cottage

Ohhhh - this could be awkward! Sam and Miss Marple both saw the details for this little cottage in the Estate Agents window this morning and they've both turned up at the same time to view it!! Who will be the first with an offer?? If anybody else is interested in buying, Beach Cottage can be found on ebay right now so be quick!!
Whilst I'm posting I must just say a warm welcome to my new followers. I hope you find my little houses interesting!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

1/24th Scale 'Sea View' Cottage

This little house is certainly too small for Sam! I really enjoyed making this one - 24th scale cottages are so nice to handle and easy to put to one side whilst I am working on something else. You just pop them on a shelf! Julie Lawton not only makes wonderful house name signs in 1/12th scale - she can do them in 1/24th scale too!!