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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

1/24th Scale 'Thimble Cottage'

Every so often I feel the need to build a 24th scale house and this was a recent project. Such a delight making something so compact you can take it to the Post Office in a carrier bag!

1/12th Scale Seaside Cottage

I was asked if I could build a seaside cottage for a customer and this was the result.

The Third 1/12th Scale French Style Shop

I had such fun building these shops but I'm looking forward to going back to building cottages now!

1/12th Scale French Style Shop no.2 !

This was the second shop I built using my Paris purchased shop window.

1/12th Scale French Style Shop

We visited Paris in September as an Anniversary treat and of course the first place I went when we arrived was the dolls house shop. I came away with three shop front windows (didn't take up too much space in my hand luggage!) and this was the first shop I built using one of the windows.