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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

1/12th Scale Shabby Chic Shop

The weather was just too bad on Sunday to take photos outside so I had to make do with some inside shots of my new little shop. This would make a great shabby chic retail business or perhaps it could be a shop selling exclusive soaps. With the lovely arched window and the glazed door it is nice and bright inside and the customers will have a good view of all the goodies on sale!

1/12th Scale 'Boatyard Cottage'

This is 'Boatyard Cottage', a new 1/12th scale seaside property just completed. Great as a holiday hideaway or a home for a fisherman when he isn't out at sea. The little scullery at the side adds useful space downstairs and could be used as a kitchen, workshop, studio or simply a toilet.

Friday, 14 June 2013

1/12th Scale 'Sea View'

This is 'Sea View" a just completed 1/12th scale seaside cottage built for a customer who saw my earlier versions of this house on my blog and wanted one for herself. Hope you can see our new seat and arbour in the background - my husband put it up last weekend and it's a lovely spot to sit and read in the shade. Not that it's been fit to do that this week!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1/12th Scale 'The Sail Loft'

Here is 'The Sail Loft', a recently completed 1/12th scale seaside cottage, ideal as a home for a fisherman or as a lovely bijou holiday let for romantic weekends by the sea.

1/24th Scale 'Bluebell Cottage'

This is 'Bluebell Cottage', a recently completed 1/24th scale house with scullery extension to one side. Being a little bit bigger than my usual one up one down cottages this  house gives the owner the chance to have a proper kitchen area as well as living space downstairs.