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Monday, 20 November 2017

1/12th Scale 'Cupcake Cottage'

The idea for this little house came after seeing a new paint colour in the DIY shop - Dusky Rose.

1/12th Scale 'Shelf Cottage'

I made this little cottage to sit on the bookshelf beside my computer - hence the name and the very shallow design.

1/12th Scale Chapel

I was asked if I could make a little 1/12th scale Chapel/Church and here is what I came up with complete with a small bell tower!

1/12th Scale 'Sea Breeze Cafe'

A two roomed property with a nice big bay window great for a business or residential use.

1/12th Scale 'Camomile Cottage'

A two roomed cottage.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

1/12th Scale 'The Cottage'

Every so often I like to try something different and this cottage was an exercise in using a lighter weight of plywood along with strip wood for stability. It is quite rustic and not every wall is straight but then which old house has straight walls anyway??

1/12th Scale Vintage 'Primrose Cottage'

This is an old cottage of mine which recently found its way home. I did some minor repair work and now it is ready to move on once again.

1/12th Scale 'Mulberry Cottage' with New Outside Toilet!

I added an outside toilet to Mulberry Cottage!

1/12th Scale 'Potter's Wheel'

I thought this would make a great art gallery on the ground floor with a potter's studio above.

1/12th Scale 'Mulberry Cottage'

A two roomed cottage.

1/12th Scale 'Captain's Cottage'

A four roomed seaside cottage.

1/12th Scale 'Chestnut Cottage'

A simple one roomed seaside cottage.

Monday, 16 October 2017

A Pair of 1/12th Scale Semi-detached Cottages

I was asked if I could make a pair of semi-detached cottages to fit quite a small space and here are the results. Left unpainted for the customer to finish.

1/12th Scale 'Anchor Cottage'

A little slice of the seaside to brighten a damp day!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday, 29 September 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017

1/12th Scale Shop

This is a special order for a customer who likes to do all the painting/finishing on a project.

1/12th Scale 'La Magasin de Savon'

A French style shop which would be lovely a soap or candle business.

1/12th Scale 'Clockmaker's Cottage'

A two roomed cottage with a lovely square bay window which could be used for retail purposes.

1/12th Scale 'Lavender Lodge'

A very pretty single storey 1/12th scale cottage which could equally well be used as a shop.