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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

1/12th Scale French Style Shop

This is a very sweet 1/12th scale French style shop recently completed. Only 10 inches wide so great if you are short of space and just big enough to have a little taste of French style retail therapy!

1/24th Scale 'Snowdrop Cottage'

This is 'Snowdrop Cottage', another one of my favourite 1/24th scale projects. It's so hard to get good photos when the weather is so dark and dreary. Roll on Springtime!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

1/12th Scale 'Primrose Cottage'

This is 'Primrose Cottage', a 1/12th scale tiny cottage ideal for a friendly witch to move in to. A little bit grubby and mouldy in places but still cosy.

1/24th Scale 'Lavender Cottage'

I can't resist building 1/24th scale cottages! This one is called 'Lavender Cottage'. A great little house for a seaside village!

1/12th Scale 'Shabby Shop'

This project started life as a single storey 1/12th scale shop made by Sid Cooke. I stripped all the old wallpaper out of the shop started building. I added a first floor and an attic so now there's plenty of living accommodation for the shopkeeper. I thought this would make a lovely 'shabby chic' shop or perhaps a seaside tea room.