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Friday, 27 April 2018

1/12th Scale 'Garden Cottage'

Recently completed for a customer who asked for a small paved yard at the side of the cottage with just enough space for a chair and some potted plants.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

1/12th Scale Shop.

Just completed for a customer.

1/12th Scale Shop

A two storey shop with hand made bay window.

1/12th Scale Shop

A small shop.

1/12th Scale 'Garden Room'

A useful little addition to an existing property or a potential retail space.

1/12th Scale 'April Cottage'

A spacious two roomed cottage.

1/12th Scale 'Harbour View'

I recently bought back an old cottage I built years ago and couldn't resist adding a small two storey extension to the side creating a four roomed house.

1/12th Scale 'The Old Boat House'

A two roomed cottage.

1/12th Scale Shop

A 1/12th scale shop completed for a customer.