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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

'Honeypot Cottage'

This little two room cottage is ideal for the collector with only a small amount of space left for a new house. Great for squeezing in alongside other cottages or perhaps could be used as a kitchen/bathroom extension for a house in need of extra facilities.

1/12th Scale 'Shabby Chic' Style French Shop

I was asked if I could build a 1/12th scale shop similar to one I took to the Pudsey fair in April and this is the result.

1/12th Scale Cottage

This is a small 1/12th scale cottage which I have left undecorated for the customer to finish.

1/12th Scale Cottage/Shop

This is a 1/12th scale cottage which could easily be used as a shop. Quite shallow to sit on a shelf but still plenty of room inside as it is a bit wider than my usual shops. Unpainted for the customer to finish off.

1/24th Scale Fairy Cottage

This is a tiny 24th scale cottage designed specially for a fairy to live in. I chose a soft lavender colour for the window and door. I've shown it alongside an earlier build - I think they look quite pretty together.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Two 1/12th Scale Bungalows

Paula asked me to build a matching pair of 1/12th scale cottages/bungalows and these are the finished but unpainted result. They were designed to be quite shallow to sit on a shelf with a little garden in between.

1/12th Scale 'Shell Cottage'

This is Shell Cottage. It is 1/12th scale and just the right size for the spatially challenged collector at only 10 inches wide. There is a tiny sleeping space in the loft complete with porthole to peep out at the sea.