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Sunday, 30 October 2011

1/12th Scale 'Barnacle Cottage' and 'Harbour Cottage'

Here are a pair of houses (semi-detached) Barnacle Cottage and Harbour Cottage, built specially to fit in a small space. My customer wanted two seaside cottages but only had a limited amount of space to squeeze them in so we decided that semi-detached was the way to go. Inside there are two rooms plus an attic in each cottage but no stairs - just false doors on the rear walls to save on space. It's a shame Sam and Miss Marple didn't notice these properties in the Estate Agents window - they would have been ideal for them!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

1/124th Scale 'Harbourside' and 'Quayside'

Here are Quayside and Harbourside, two new 1/24th scale cottage built for Ann and Bill - if you attend Miniatura you will probably have met them on their wonderful stall (called Just Ann and Bill surprisingly!) Julie Lawton worked her magic on the teeny tiny name signs for me - much too small for my camera to pick up clearly I'm afraid. I will be delivering the cottages to Ann and Bill at the Nantwich dolls house fair on the 6th November.

The Lobster Pot Again

I didn't mention Julie Lawton's lovely Lobster Pot sign in my last post. Here's a closer photo - you still can't see the wonderful detail in the sign (I'm not a very good photographer!) but it is gorgeous. All her signs are gorgeous!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

1/12th Scale 'The Lobster Pot'

This is 'The Lobster Pot' built for Debbie who had in mind a seaside cafe with living accommodation above. There is a small paved area to the side for one or two tables for when the weather is nice and inside there are three spacious rooms - cafe on the ground floor and living room and bedroom above. Another grey day for the photo I'm afraid - you will have to imagine the sun shining and the smell of the sea in the air!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

1/12th Scale 'Smuggler's Cottage'

This is 'Smuggler's Cottage' built specially for a lady in Australia who liked 'Cockleshell Cottage' and wanted a house building exactly the same. I hope it travels safely - it's a long way to Australia!

Friday, 7 October 2011

1/24th Scale 'Harbour Cottage'

This is 'Harbour Cottage', a 1/24th scale four room plus attics cottage just completed. I listed it on ebay this morning if you want to take a look. I managed to take some photos in the garden between showers yesterday. Hope you can see Julie Lawton's lovely little sign over the door and the wonderful bicycle I bought at Miniatura from Willow Models.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

1/12th Scale 'Harbourside'

This is 'Harbourside', my latest 1/12th scale cottage just completed. It was requested by a customer who liked Barnacle Cottage but wanted a little yard to the side a bit like Rose Cottage - this is the result! It's a shame it was so gloomy out in the garden this morning when I took the photos.