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Monday, 27 October 2014

1/12th Scale 'Cobweb Cottage'

Every so often I like to have a change from making my seaside cottages. This is 'Cobweb Cottage', a simple two roomed cottage ideal for the witch who is looking for a new home. There are little patches of old stonework showing through the plaster and the walls are a bit stained but it's very cosy inside with a warm stove and hearth to sit at.

1/24th Scale 'Periwinkle Cottage'

This is 'Periwinkle Cottage', a simple one up and one down 24th scale cottage. Ideal for sitting on a window sill or bookshelf so great for the dolls house collector who is getting short of space!

1/12th Scale 'Tide's Reach'

We haven't seen Sam for quite a while. I think he's been busy over the summer on his boat. But here he is, back on dry land again and looking for a cosy cottage for the winter. 'Tide's Reach' might be just the thing he's looking for. Two rooms and there's even a small area at the front where he could sit and mend his nets and watch the world go by.

1/12th Scale Seaside Bungalow 'Sea View'

I love building this style of seaside bungalow! I have used green for the trim on previous ones but decided to try a pale blue this time and it does look quite seasidey (if there is such a word!) This version is also slightly wider than the original which gives a little more space inside for furnishing.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

1/12th Scale 'The Lodge'

I know I said in my last blog entry that I like building smaller cottages but I really wanted to make something a bit bigger for a change so here is 'The Lodge'. It has four rooms and two attic rooms too and is wallpapered inside rather than being plastered. It is fully lit so it is ready for a new family to move in to. Great as a Christmas present!

1/12th Scale 'Sea View' and an Outbuilding

These two little structures were made as a special order for a customer who wanted to add them to her growing street of seaside properties. They were great fun to make - I do like smaller projects more than bigger houses! So much easier to move around on my workbench!