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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

1/12th Scale 'Pebble Cottage'

'Pebble Cottage' is another newly built 1/12th scale house which I will be taking to the dolls house fair in Winsford on Saturday. This little house is just a basic one up and one down dwelling - ideal for a fisherman or perhaps as a tiny holiday home.

1/12th Scale 'Harbour Cottage'

This is a newly completed 1/12th scale house called 'Harbour Cottage'. With its weather boarded front it could be somewhere in Kent - we saw lots of houses of this style when we were down in the South East visiting relatives. Sticking the weather boarding was a time consuming job but strangely very relaxing!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

1/12th Scale 'Catkin Cottage'

This is Catkin Cottage, a 1/12th scale house completed just last week. I felt like doing something different to my usual seaside cottages and this is the result. I find adding all the timbers to the outside then plastering very satisfying (sad I know!) and I also enjoy doing the painting too. For sale on ebay right now or if you look at my Cottage Creations page on facebook you can buy it a bit cheaper!

1/12th Scale' Sea View Cottage'

Here's Bill the window cleaner busy cleaning the windows of Sea View ready for the new occupants to move in. Sea View is a 1/12th scale property with two main rooms and the additional scullery space to one side. Of course that doesn't have to be a scullery - I know some people worry about the bathroom facilities (or lack of!) in my little cottages so that extra room could house a downstairs toilet to make life more comfortable.