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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

1/12th Scale Tiny Shop

This is another small shop I started as a change from larger 1/12th scale projects. I like the idea of being able to wall mount smaller properties and this would be ideal. Great for displaying just a few special items and the duck egg blue makes it look a little bit French - a little bit shabby chic maybe??

1/12th Scale Eglantine Cottage

This is 'Eglantine Cottage', my latest 1/12th scale dolls house just listed on ebay. Isn't Eglantine a wonderful name? I saw it on a house programme on TV and just had to ask Julie Lawton to make me a name plate in 1/12th scale. It means wild rose and it sounds so romantic. No sign of Sam or Miss Marple today - I think they are both away visiting relatives over Christmas - and they will be very disappointed when they find out a new property has come onto the market in their absence!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

1/12th Scale Shop

I decided I would like to make a smaller property but still in 1/12th scale and this little shop was the result. I used my favourite duck egg blue for the paintwork. I think this would make a great flower shop or a shabby chic gift shop perhaps? Not a Christmassy photo I'm afraid but I would still like to say Merry Christmas to my followers and a big thank you too for all your kind comments.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

1/24th Scale 'Holly Cottage'

This little cottage was inspired by Julie Lawton's wonderful 'Holly Cottage' name plate which she kindly made for me. I didn't have a Holly Cottage in mind when I asked her to make the name but once it arrived I just had to build a little house to match it! Hope you can see the name over the door. As always with my 24th scale houses this was a pleasure to build. Now listed on ebay and looking for a new home for Christmas!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

1/12th Scale 'Marsh Cottage'

I was forced to take photos of my latest house - Marsh Cottage - indoors today. The weather was too awful to even think about taking any pictures outside. This little cottage has the benefit of a front porch for storing wellies and coats and also a small front garden - great for sitting and watching the world go by!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1/12th Scale 'Compass Cottage'

Sam is delighted with this new cottage just put on the market today. What could be better for a salty sailor than a house called 'Compass Cottage'? It could have been made for him! There's even space to store his rowing boat. He will have make his mind up quickly though because I've heard it's just been listed on ebay so he might have some competition!!