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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yet Another Cottage!!

This is my latest cottage creation - 'The Old Boathouse'. I started off with an idea for a barn conversion - inspired whilst out walking the dog and seeing some local barns being modernised. As the project went on though I could feel another fishing cottage coming on and it changed gradually into the Old Boathouse. I made the big window in the end wall from scratch using lots of little strips of wood - if I had used a ruler when I first cut out the main uprights for the opening it would have made life so much easier. As it is each section of the window is a slightly different size - so much for doing it all 'by eye'!! I think the interior is quite flexible - could be modern or traditional. I much prefer plastering walls to wallpapering - I find papering far too stressful!


  1. What a fabulous house Julie!!!!

  2. Oh this is a beautie!!! That windows are gorgeous. Would like to have something like that 1:1 :-)
    Hugs, Monique