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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

1/12th Scale Eglantine Cottage

This is 'Eglantine Cottage', my latest 1/12th scale dolls house just listed on ebay. Isn't Eglantine a wonderful name? I saw it on a house programme on TV and just had to ask Julie Lawton to make me a name plate in 1/12th scale. It means wild rose and it sounds so romantic. No sign of Sam or Miss Marple today - I think they are both away visiting relatives over Christmas - and they will be very disappointed when they find out a new property has come onto the market in their absence!

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  1. I am thinking of making a dolls house dont worry itbwont be any sort of completion yours are absolutely fantastic and have inspired me so much so thankyoumand if you have any tips contact me on thankyouxxxxx