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Friday, 21 September 2012

1/24th Scale Beach Hut

I know I said I had made the last beach hut of the summer but when a lady contacted me to ask if I could make a hut in 1/24th scale I just had to have a try. It was something I had been thinking of trying for a while but I just wasn't sure I could make something quite so tiny. It was tricky cutting out such small pieces of wood with what felt like a HUGE electric saw without cutting my fingers off but I managed it and here is the result. I found the boat at a fair ages ago and it's travelling along the the hut to a new home today.


  1. un joli cabanon, la barque est aussi très belle.

  2. I love your builds Julie. Especially the witch shop!! Soo very cute! I am glad to have found your blog. Now I'm off to read previous posts.

  3. Hi Julie . I adore your cottages. I am interested is there a particular area in the UK that you have modeled them on , of is there a mix of house styles from Tennesse.I live in Cheshire and was wondering if you would be exhibiting locally soon. Vicky