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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Time for Something a Little Bit Different.....'Pumpkin Cottage'

This is 'Pumpkin Cottage', a 1/12th scale one room cottage just completed. I had such a lot of fun building this little house. It all started with the window - I bought it ages ago at a fair and when I came across it a couple of weeks ago (down the back of the computer of all places!) the idea of an old dirty cottage came to mind. I kept the cottage small so it could easily be stored away if it was to be used just as a Halloween display piece. I think it would look wonderful with some lights and a flickering stove in the corner and your homeless witch would be very happy to move in here! For sale on ebay right now.


  1. Preciosa, me encanta.
    un abrazo.

  2. how do you purchase your houses???