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Thursday, 15 January 2015

1/12th Scale 'The Old Chapel'

This is 'The Old Chapel', my most recent 1/12th scale cottage. Based on a pair of Alm's Houses featured in Caroline Hamilton's book on dolls houses I made the Gothic style windows out of mount board spread with plaster - a bit fiddly but I think they worked out quite well. The roof is also made out of card - a stout acid free type - so that I could cut out all those strange angles with my Stanley knife. As the clay tiles dried they created a bit of a wobble in places - just how an old roof should be!!


  1. This is super cute! I am a sucker for gothic dollhouses!

  2. and yet another fantastic design,I love your houses, in my dream, I have a room just for dolls houses,It is an entire town and pride of place would be your houses, will doing the lottery,and that's another dream x

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