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Friday, 6 May 2011

1/12th Scale 'Sea View' Cottage and Outbuilding

This is 'Sea View' which is my latest 1/12th scale cottage. It started life as just the basic cottage but then I decided to add the outbuilding and yard to one side - I imagined a fisherman sitting mending his nets surrounded by lobster pots. I am going back to 1/24th scale for my next houses which will make a nice change - much easier to lift than this one!!
I hope you can see the wonderful house sign made expecially for me by the very talented Julie Lawton. If only I could add links I would direct you to her fantastic etsy shop and also her ebay items (where she sells under the name cottagekitty333). I have just listed 'Sea View' on ebay where there are more photos if you would like to take a look.


  1. This is a lovely design. The yard area really adds an extra dimension.

  2. The cottage is great I love the yard.I could imagine myself sitting on the bench in the sun :) great work :)

  3. I am lucky to enough to be the owner of this beautiful house and its just as fabulous in real life! so much so I bought Lavender cottage aswell!