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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Harbour View

Here is Harbour View, a new 1/12th scale cottage just finished. I had such a lot of interest in Sea View with its little outbuilding that I decided to make another cottage in a similar style - but not exactly the same! Harbour View has stairs and a lovely wobbly roof - just like a real old cottage. Can you see the wonderful house sign Julie Lawton made for me? Her work is amazing - each tiny sign is a work of art in itself.
I am just completing another version of the Old Boathouse and a little 1/24th scale cottage with a dormer window. I like to keep busy!


  1. Its lovely! love how they are almost the same but just that little bit different to keep them individual just like real cottages. Would be nice to see an inside pic too interested to see how it looks with stairs!

  2. This is a really charming piece. Nice work.

  3. Really lovely classic seaside cottage. How does Julie manage to make the house sign so small!