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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

1/12th Scale 'Acorn Cottage'

This is 'Acorn Cottage', a new 1/12th scale dolls house just listed on ebay. As you can see Miss Marple thought she would get there early before Sam in case she wanted to buy the house. After months of looking at properties maybe this could be the one??? If you are thinking this looks a little bit familiar you may have seen a witches house on ebay a few weeks ago which looked very similar. That was an old house I bought a few years ago, gave it the papier mache treatment and then sold it on again to the lady who made such a wonderful job of creating the witchy cottage. I loved the shape of the house so much I decided to make something similar.


  1. Very cute really like this one and thought it looked familiar although I hadn't even realised it was the same as the witches cottage that I bought! lol

  2. Your houses are delightful and wonderfully made! I just happened to be looking on Ebay for houses and found this house and after a few searches found your blog! :o))

    Michelle :o)

  3. Love this cottage Julie, was nice to buy another of your wonderful granny loves it!

    Michelle :)