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Saturday, 26 November 2011

1/24th Scale 'The Lodge'

Here's my latest 1/24th scale cottage, 'The Lodge'. It was a very cold and wet afternoon yesterday when I wanted to take photos but I managed to dodge the showers and get a few pictures done so I could list the house on ebay last night.


  1. Another delightful dwelling. Your houses look just as good in overcast photos as they do in sunny. They have a lovely cosy, isn't it nice to be curled up, snug and warm, beside the fire feel to them.

    I wondered can you fix a link to your ebay on this blog, please? I always like to have a look but can never remember your user name. I understand you can't sell on blogger, but lots of blogger seem to link to Etsy. :)

  2. The new house is wonderful. I love your houses!