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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Builders Have Been Busy Again!!

The first photo above is of 'Seashore Cottage', a little 1/12th scale one room house I built a little while ago. A customer asked if I could add an outside yard and outbuilding to the original cottage and also if I could change the finish from smooth plaster to the more textured papier mache effect. The second photo is of the finished article. The outbuilding and yard are separate to the cottage itself to make them easier to move around.


  1. this is a lovely little house, I love the courtyard

  2. Hi Julie, I always admire your posts (usually silently) for I love your cottages, every one of them. The texture of the walls, the colour of the doors and windows, the perfect rooftiles....the whole creation is so esthetic.

  3. l'ensemble est parfait !