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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Tree House

My friend Brenda has always wanted a tree house. I always had the idea of building one. When we recently bought a new sink complete with huge amounts of lovely strong cardboard I realised that the time had finally come to have a go at creating this woodland home. I made it completely out of cardboard, paper, plaster and a bit of air drying clay all on a plywood base for stability. It's roughly 1/12th scale with just two rooms inside. I had such a lot of fun making it - getting very sticky, dirty and covered in plaster - I may well make another one.


  1. Hi Julie
    That looks amazing...
    All the best

  2. It looks fantastic! I would have liked to have seen the inside!

  3. Super!!! I know Brenda - and she'll love it!!!!

  4. Hi Julie. I really do love utterly unique and fascinating. Celia